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Each Monday morning, get inspired with my simple three-minute meditations, ruminations and OMG insights into how to live an awakened life. I promise not to bore you.....but I might just wake you up! 



I've never really followed enlightenment teachers. But Lori's Monday morning videos make me laugh and at the same time, remind me what's possible when I see through the whole suffering self gig to the happiness that I really am. 

Sean Gregory
Reiki Healer


I get a boost of light-hearted wisdom from Lori that super-charges me for my busy week ahead. It's a spiritual transmission with a slice of comedy. I love it. 


Henriette Csapo
Family Constellation Therapist

As someone who has taught and practiced yoga for years, I find these weekly three-minute videos give me the same kind of insights and ah-has I get at the end of a yoga class--it's like the shivasana relief and surrender without the workout! 

Laurie McPherson
Univesity Student, Pre-Med

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